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My life has been surrounded by family drama lately, and as i am a girl the drama queen part poped up, all that drama started to frustrate my daily life, even though i wasn't involved on the specific situation. (is anyone sick of drama?). I am.
Yass! a short guide to cut drama out of my life(or at least to try to).
- I know when you love people it's hard not to be involved in their dramas, but it will probably create more stress in your head, not your drama, not your business.
-Most of the time i don't see when i'm creating the drama. If you act in a way that is positive and minimal drama, you attract the same.
-Don't lie. Simple, lies bring drama, A friend told me "honesty is the best policy", and i agree with her.
-Be calm and serene, this is something i repeat to my self every day, for me this  step is hard for me, since i  get easily angry sometimes.
But, hey! let's try a free drama life, that keeps us younger.
Mi vida ha estado rodeada de drama familiar últimamente, y como soy una chica la parte dramática salió, todo ese drama comenzó a frustrar  mi vida diaria, a pesar de que no estaba involucrada en la situación. (¿No están hartos del drama?) . Yo sí.
Siii.. Traje una guía corta para cortar el drama de mi vida (o al menos lo intento) .
- Sé que cuando amas a la personas que te rodean es difícil no estar involucrado en sus dramas, pero probablemente creará más estrés en tu cabeza, si no es tu drama, no te incumbe.
-La Mayoría de las veces no veo cuando soy yo la creadora del drama. Si  actúas de una manera positiva y minimizas el drama, atraes lo mismo.
 -No mientas. Así de simple, no lo hagas, las  mentiras traen drama, una amiga me dijo "la honestidad es la mejor política “, y estoy de acuerdo con ella.
 -Ser tranquila y serena, esto es algo que me  repito a mí misma todos los días, para mí,  este paso es el más difícil, ya que me puedo enojar fácilmente. ¡Pero hey! vamos a tratar de tener una vida sin drama, eso nos mantendrá mas jóvenes.

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  1. Yes, I totally understand you! I hate drama as well and I'm surrounded by so much of it...

    xx, rebecca

    1. I know! Life gets easier if we find the way to turn way from drama.
      Thanks for reading darling.

  2. I hear you, the calm & serene part is tough for me too as I too am short-tempered. But hey, worth trying, who doesn't want drama less life afterall? :)

    Come visit us soon
    Makeup, Style and Sugar

  3. Awesome tips on cutting drama from your life! I'm also sick of it and try to avoid it at all costs.


  4. You're so pretty! Love your blog. :)


  5. I loove this.. you look gorgeous! Would love to keep in touch and follow each other, let me know if you want to! x


  6. You're making some good points!
    A little bit of drama here and there is alright but you can't let it take over your life.
    I love the relaxed vibe of you in the photos though. :)

    Bad Taste Toast - A Personal Blog from Düsseldorf

  7. Sometimes its hard to deal with family drama, but always find happiness inside)



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