Place full of thoughts

Our head  is a place full of thoughts, decisions and people, few of them are stuck in   that jungle called mind (haha). Remember that the more time you spend obsessing about them, the more control you’re allowing them to have over you, like 24/7 thinking about a certain thing.
The question is: Do we want to get rid of those thoughts? (always happens to me) I am one who thinks, if something is strongly stuck in your mind it has a reason why, but not every obsession and decision is favorable for us, in my opinion a real way to know it, is you deciding to eliminate them or not.
Has this happened to you? 
A strategy i use when there're leftover thoughts i don't need is  to focused on looking for reasons why that person, decision, obsession or thought is affecting my daily life, causing stress and waist of time(we can spend a big amount of time on useless thoughts).
In the other hand, those  ideas running inside you everyday wanting to be fullfiled, mm.. those won't go, go for them, and is exactly how this olive coat makes feel.

     Nuestra cabeza es un lugar lleno de pensamientos, decisiones y gente, alguna de estas se quedan trabadas en esa jungla llamada mente, (jaja). Recuerda que mientras mas gastes obsesionándote sobre ello, mas control tendrá sobre ti, como 24/7 pensando sobre algo en especifico.
    La pregunta es: Queremos deshacernos de esos pensamientos? (siempre me pasa) Soy de las que piensa que si algo esta fuertemente atorado en tu mente tiene una razón de estar ahí, pero no toda obsesión y decisión es favorable para nosotros, en mi opinión una manera real  de saberlo eres tu decidiendo eliminarlo o no.
¿ No te ha pasado?
   Una estrategia que uso cuando hay pensamientos sobrantes que no necesito es enfocarme en las razones porque esa persona, decisión, obsesión o pensamiento esta afectando mi vida diaria, causando estrés y perdida de tiempo (podemos gastar una gran cantidad de tiempo en pensamientos inútiles).
    Por otra parte, esas ideas corriendo en ti cada día esperando ser cumplidas, mm.. esas no se irán, así que ve por ellas, y es exactamente como esta chaqueta color oliva me hace sentir.


I'm Wearing:
Coat: Foerver 21
Jean shorts: Dresslink
In collaboration with photographer Daniel Osuna


  1. Love casual outfits like this. It would be a great off-duty look! Well Done!

  2. Pretty casual- edgy look. Sometimes it's so annoying when I obsess over things, because it's best to just let it go in order to be stress free. I'll try using your strategy.


    1. totally agree with you, thanks for reading honey.

  3. Beautiful outfit:) Love your hair:)

  4. Love your photography. And I adore your hair, wished mine grew that long! Maaah

    The Blonde B

  5. Beautiful post :) love the outfit, it's pretty and simple

  6. Great photos! I really like the post. :)


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