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You can wear denim  with everything, and everyone has at least one pair of jeans, is a "must have" in our wardrobes, therefore i got  this clear blue jean, dark blue and a white one too, no forgetting the button design high waist denim skirt i wanted for long, besides they're so.. comfy (nothing better huh?). No matter what your style is, demin is always there. 
Luckily has these cool jeans on their website, they have every type of clothing and the items gets on time, but how about overalls? Yep they have them too, i couldn't resist to order one.

1.White Jeans : SammyDress Solid Jeans
2.High waist blue jeans : SammyDress Blue jeans
3. High waist buttons skirt: SammyDress Denim Skirt
4.Color demin overalls: SammyDress Black Demin Overalls


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